Kol Ami's Pet Memorial Tree: Remember Your Beloved Pet

Passing of a Beloved Pet
In sorrow and love
I/We remember ______________ (pet’s name)
Our beloved __________ (type of pet: dog, cat, etc.)
Who provided [years of] companionship
And endless joy.
You were more than a pet to me/us,
Becoming a member of my/our family,
Providing consolation in times of loss,
Giving me/us laughter and delight
And a sense of well-being,
Rich with memories,
Rich in love.
The pain is deep.
The empty space,
Too wide to comprehend.

[Forgive me/us, dear ______________ (pet’s name),
For my/our decision to remove you from
The suffering you endured.
We/I did it with deep sorrow
Placing kindness for you above
My/Our desire for more time together.]

G-d of the bereaved,
Grant me/us find solace in the days ahead,
And peace of mind as time passes.
Let my/our memories of the time/years together
With ______________ (pet’s name)
Be an endless source of wonder
In tribute to his/her memory.

Rest in peace.

Written by Alden Solovy. Appears in his book This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day from CCAR Press.

Congregation Kol Ami recognizes the unconditional love and support our animals effortlessly provide. They become members of our family and their passing can leave a hole in the fabric of our home. Reform Judaism works to fold the realities of our modern lives into the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition. At Kol Ami, we provide a place of honor for our beloved pets in our courtyard garden. It's a beautiful, peaceful, shady spot that we know our pets would enjoy. You can inscribe your pet's first name, date of passing and if you would like, a small message of love on either a gold leaf, stone or dove and have it placed in with love on our Pet Memorial Tree. 

We have leaves of three different sizes; small, medium and large. Small leaves allow for one line of text, medium leaves allow for two lines of text, and large leaves allow for three lines of text. We also have stones, resting in prominence at the foot of the tree as well as doves soaring beautifully above that both allow for three lines of text.






















Pet Memorial Tree Plaque Purchase Form

Image of Tree
Kol Ami Invites You to Memorialize Your Pets in Our Garden
In our courtyard garden, your pets name can be inscribed on a gold leaf stone or dove. Together, it creates a peaceful and beautiful nature setting that honors the memory of a pet's unconditional love.  If you have questions, please call us at 323-606-0996 or email us at [email protected].
Small Leaf - $150 
(allows for one line of text)
Medium Leaf - $300 
(allows for one line of text)
Large Leaf - $500 
(allows for two lines of text)
Stone - $1,000 
(allows for three lines of text)
Dove - $2,000 
(allows for three lines of text)





























































































































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