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Light Up Kol Ami's Menorah!


Congregation Kol Ami has long been a haven for those who felt unsafe and unwelcome in the traditional spaces. Kol Ami, which translates to “voices of our people,” has for 25 years led our community to speak out for social justice. We look to traditional Jewish values which teach us to love justice, celebrate diversity, take responsibility for healing our world and build Khilla Kadosha, a sacred community.

Today, we’re deeply inspired by the work we are setting out to do – teaching our communities to listen in and hear the divine in someone very different from yourself. Mobilizing our communities to speak out for the world they desire.

When we listen to each other, instead of talking about each other, we begin to hear how united we are in our dreams for the future – a future full of equality, love, tolerance, justice, faith, kindness, compassion, hope and peace.

These values light Kol Ami’s Chanukah Menorah. We believe these values light our world’s path forward.

When we come together, as a Jewish Community, we multiply the impact of our efforts to heal the world. We also multiply the impact of our efforts to heal our congregation. Over the past month, we’ve seen increased engagement and support around our Chanukah Candle campaign and our Chanukah festivities. We had a fabulous party at Mark Freeman and Glenn Rosenblum’s house and our Chanukah Shabbat Festival brought people to temple that hadn’t visited since the High Holy Days.

But to truly make an impact that changes the path of our future, we need your help.




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