Pillar 1:  Engaged Community 
Engaged Community Interwoven With Each Other
Our community becomes engaged by:  meeting our Community’s needs, shiva, caring for the sick, offering volunteer opportunities, celebration retreats and/or Shabbatons, interfaith activities, education opportunities, leadership development of its members. 

Interested in joining Pillar 1? Contact them at [email protected]!

Pillar 2: Jewish Values (SOVA, JWW Walk, Mission to Guatemala, AIDS Walk, HIV lunch)
Transforming the World Using Jewish Values
We strive to be the leading temple for Civil Rights and Social Justice, connecting through Mitzvah and members being engaged in their community using Jewish values.

Interested in joining Pillar 2? Contact them at [email protected]!

Pillar 3: Creating Jews for Life
Creating Jews for Life
We can create Jews for life by:  Jewish learning, creating a Jewish lifecycle from cradle to grave, motivating non-members to become members, placing our community on the path towards a Jewish Life. 

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Pillar 4: Financial Vitality and Health
Financial and Economic Vitality and Health
We aim to create financial security and health in our congregation.  We are committed to ensuring the vitality and sustainability of our congregation for generations to come.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 323-606-0996 or [email protected]

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