Intro to Judaism with Rabbi Sabine Meyer

The URJ sponsors this Introduction to Judaism course in California. The Intro course offers a basic foundation in Judaism in 18 sessions. The course is required for persons considering conversion to Judaism. It is also an excellent refresher course in the principles and practices of Judaism for people who are born Jewish, as well as interfaith couples. This class is every Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm at Congregation Kol Ami. 

This course can help you acquire a basic Jewish vocabulary. You can gain intellectual and experiential knowledge of Judaism as well as the skills necessary to "do Jewish." Intro is designed to be a meaningful, educational experience for any person interested in knowing and understanding Judaism and Jewish life. The course is organized around the major themes of Judaism, and around the holidays and events in the Jewish life cycle. Included in the URJ Introduction to Judaism course are the following concepts:

Concepts of God
Conversion to Judaism
Death and Mourning
Israel and Zionism
Jewish Culture
Jewish History
Jewish Holidays
Marriage and Family
Personal Responsibility
Repentance and the Path of Righteousness
Worship and Spirituality

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