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Kol Ami:  Inspiring, engaged community.  Welcome home.

"Our community was really supportive, we got all these calls and emails and people showing up with trays of deli food, checking in on us."    – Sarah Heacox
"We're certainly a kehilla kedosha – but more than that, we're a family." – Neil Zaslavsky

"This synagogue, this community, is a beacon of opportunity, of hope, of vision, of love… It's because of people of faith, and mainly because of this congregation, that we have marriage equality."   – Rodney Scott

"Dreaming of Israel and Zion has been a deep part of our rituals and prayers throughout millennium.  And today, when we as the Jewish people are blessed with seeing a vibrant Israel before our very eyes, we should give thanks for this miracle in our midst."   - Rabbi Denise Eger
We were reminded recently what an incredible, fun, warm and wonderful community we have here at Kol Ami – truly a treasure in the heart of our busy lives and hectic LA.  Each and every person who is a part of Kol Ami, who has been touched by Kol Ami, is the foundation of our community, and each and every member helps make Kol Ami who and what we are.
We have had a wonderful year - volunteering together to bring Thanksgiving dinner to residents at Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing; joining together to create a memorable Purim with Gypsy: the Real Story of Esther Rose Leibowitz (thank you Sam!); gathering at one anothers' homes for Shabbat dinners and teachings; and lots of MOKA events (mazel tov Doug Workman!)
And we are looking forward to an incredible year of growth and change – we are pleased to note that Jeremy Gimbel will join us again for a song-filled and energizing Erev Rosh Hashanah (and twice a month after that); we will continue to grow new opportunities for learning and engagement like a new participatory storytelling Selichot; and we'll just have to see how we top Esther Rose Leibowitz!
People ask us why, when life is so busy, we keep putting time and effort and energy into Kol Ami – and the answer is the same every time – the people here are amazing.  We're an incredible community, supporting, caring for, learning with and growing together as a congregation.  We are engaged together in the holy enterprise of building kehilla kedoshah – sacred community – an exceedingly rare and precious thing in our ever faster paced and more hectic society.

-       Roberta Bennett and Marianne Lowenthal Co-Presidents

Our members have all relied on the Kol Ami community at different times for support, understanding and compassion. Our members truly care for each other and it is the strength of our commitment to each other that truly sets us apart as a congregation. Watch our most recent story-telling video, "Egypts to Leave" to hear first hand accounts from our members.  

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