Sunday School

Kol Ami's members receive access to Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills Sunday School. We offer classes from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. The curriculum is segmented into Kindergarten through Second Grade, Third through Sixth Grade, Seventh Grade (only) and Eighth through Twelfth Grade. 

Kol Ami and Temple Emanuel believe in "Living Judasim" and children are taught in an experiential and project-based environment. Students deeply engage in prayer, integrate Jewish traditions and values into their modern lives and learn to understand the Hebrew language, prayers and texts. Children's individual interests are incorporated and encouraged throughout their classes and individual attention is given to each student in tailored programs.

For registration and inquiries contact Karen Porper at 310-409-2950. 

For all other questions and concerns, contact Rabbi Denise Eger at 323-606-0996. 

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